Clic Money Service Commitment and Guarantee

Face to face
discussions to establish your unique financial needs

Courteous and polite service – every time.

Constant contact with us from the time we first meet until your loan settles: we will project manage your application through to settlement

Clear and concise explanations of different finance options that suit you.

Proactive management of your loan: The home loan market is super competitive and is changing all the time. After your loan settles, we will make contact with you at a minimum of every 4 months to ensure that you have your lending arrangements optimized at all times. We will also conduct an Annual Loan Review on every anniversary of your loan.

No charge for our service!
Our fee is paid by the lenders, but you will receive the same product at the same price (and in many cases better) than what the lenders would offer directly.We will be completely transparent with all commissions received, so that you can be 100% confident that we are looking after your best interests.

These commitments, combined with our full range of products from over 25 lenders, and huge pool of experience (Specialized staff with over 40 years combined experience) will ensure that you will receive the best possible loan to meet your needs…. We guarantee it!