Understanding your home loan process with Clic Money

1. Our first meeting and filling out an application

During this process we ask you a lot of questions about your current lifestyle, your job and of course the type of house you are looking at purchasing. Our aim during this process is to find out as much about you as we can to ensure we can obtain the maximum loan amount for your home purchase. As well as ensure we are selecting the best product and rate to suit your circumstances.

2. Pre-approval

Once we submitt your application, we an generally offer you a pre-approval within 48 hours. A pre-approval will also give you an indication of how much the bank is going to lend you and what loan conditions they are going apply to your loan.

From here you can start shopping.

3. Property Valuation

Once you have found your dream home we will order a valuation for you. While this is happening we will help you prepare all of your loan requirements in preparation for formal approval.

4. Formal Approval and Loan Documents

At this point you will recieve documentation for the banks solicitors advising you of your formal loan approval. They will arrive to you via mail, so keep an eye out.

After you have recieved these documents you will need to to arrange building insurance. We can help you witht this with our range of insurance products.

5. Settlement of your property

Your loan is drawn down on the day of settlement of your new home. Congratulations, you’re now officially a home owner. You will at this point recieve a letter detailing the settlement amounts and your loan repayment information.

Please use this information as a guide only and contact us during the process for further explanations and updates.