Our business was founded on our strongly held philosophy of ‘giving back‘.

Clic Money has made a commitment to donate a $100 with every loan that we settle to Karobran / Eurella Community Services Inc, our charity of choice There is no financial impact on our clients –  individuals or organisations – the revenue streams generated are provided entirely by Clic Money.

Karobran Early Intervention provides centred program for children with diagnosis of delay or special needs from birth to 5 years.

Early intervention with children diagnosed with Autism is very personal to us and we are very passionate about it.

Autism is a pervasive disorder of a child’s development, influencing their functioning in all areas. The statistics are alarming. In the last 25 years, the number of diagnosed cases has increased 25 fold. The first symptoms of autism can be noticed early, often in babies who are a few months old. However, the symptoms are always recognizable before the child reaches three years of age.

Early intervention for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can really help.

Early intervention refers to doing things as early as possible to work on child’s autism spectrum disorder characteristics. Early intervention for children with ASD is made up of therapies and services.

Therapies (also called interventions) are the programs or sessions aimed at helping child’s development.

Services are the places and organizations that offer these therapies. A service might offer one therapy or several types.

Starting intervention as young as possible is most effective in helping the development of children with ASD and it can help children with early brain development.

We are very proud to be supporting Karobran and Eurella Community Services Inc and are honoured to continue working together to make a difference.

To find out more please follow the link http://www.eurella.org.au/early-intervention/


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