Over time, your personal and financial situation may change.

As your needs and priorities change, you will probably find that the right loan product for you will also change.

Now is the time to compare your loan to see if refinancing will benefit you.

Why should you consider refinancing?

  • To get a better interest rate
  • Obtain a more flexible loan structure
  • Obtaining funds for home renovations
  • Access equity for investment purposes
  • Reduce monthly loan repayments
  • Consolidate credit card, personal loans or other debts
  • Maybe a fixed interest rate will suit your circumstances

Whatever your situation, contact your local broker from The Clic Money to see if refinancing your current loan will help you.


If you can make your first repayment on the settlement date of your loan rather than one month after this as the contract normally requires, you will get a month ahead even before you start!

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That’s how we can help. Have another look at your finances today and save.

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